Our Programs

When Amanda Uhry enrolled her daughter in PWF, she was shocked at how different the program was from her previous fencing club. Instead of the cutthroat competition so common in the fencing world, she discovered an environment that fostered mutual support and understanding. She said that Arabella’s fencing took off like a shot.

“This is the most rewarding thing that my daughter has ever done. She has learned about sportsmanship, about life, how to deal with different people. There is not one coach or adult here who is not 100% about the kids. It’s like a family.”

From the first day of enrollment, everyone at PWF is in collaboration to maintain a vibrant community where youth can develop qualities like discipline, leadership, social conscience, self-confidence, and respect for all.

The students learn about healthy gender relationships, how to deal with people with different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, and to develop in themselves the qualities of leadership and public service. Our students learn to be articulate, cooperative, assertive, and responsible—qualities that help them as students and citizens.