The PWF is dedicated helping underserved youth become successful students, remarkable athletes and outstanding members of society.

A donation of money, services/equipment or internships is a terrifically rewarding way to help us continue making a difference in the lives of New York area kids. Over 85% of our annual budget goes to programs that directly serve our students.

Endowment Fund

The PWF Endowment Fund was initially made possible through Oprah’s Angel Network, which gifted the foundation a $100,000 Use Your Life Award in 2000. Since then, the fund has grown through the generosity of numerous donors, including an anonymous benefactor who contributed $1 million in 2004, and board member Bill Schreyer, who established a $1.5 million matching grant endowment in 2007.

PWF is currently aiming to raise $15 million by 2018. At this level the foundation will be able to significantly enhance its existing programs, while establishing new initiatives such as a new building for our program.

Planned Giving

Through planned giving, your contributions can be designed to maximize the benefits to both PWF and your personal financial portfolio.

A simple, and often the easiest gift to make is a bequest. It doesn’t require relinquishing anything during your lifetime, and it can be stated in a will, a codicil, a living trust or a trust amendment. The Foundation’s office can provide you with the appropriate language for a bequest to our organization.

You can contribute a new or existing life insurance policy that is no longer needed. Donors naming us as both policy owner and beneficiary can claim an income tax deduction equal to either a) the cash value or the cost basis of an existing policy, whichever is less, or b) the annual premiums of a new policy.

For more information about the Peter Westbrook Foundation Endowment Fund, please contact Mark Johnson at Merrill Lynch. He can be reached at (212) 415-7897 or by email at