Much of our program’s success is attributed to the strong, hands-on leadership of founder Peter Westbrook. As executive director, Westbrook runs the program’s day-to-day operations, working closely with staff members and volunteers, as well as program participants and their families. His efforts ensure that PWF continues to meet the highest not-for-profit standards and are integral to recruitment, retention and donor outreach.


Our staff of decorated athletes, respected community leaders and established business professionals is committed to providing the best possible athletic training and academic support to the young people that we serve. They work to inspire and motivate PWF participants, emphasizing the importance of education, determination and hard work.


PWF students are challenged physically and mentally. Each session involves rigorous conditioning, one-on-one instruction with Olympic-caliber coaches and activities designed to improve concentration and mental sharpness. PWF students not only learn how to be good winners and losers, but also how their actions directly influence the results they achieve.


Since our inception, PWF has served more than 4,000 young people and produced collegiate, national, and Olympic-level fencers. Through a combination of expertly-planned training regiments and thoughtful tournament scheduling, we’ve achieved unprecedented success, including Olympic, world championship and national medalists.

Additionally, PWF has emerged as a premiere college prep organization. Our students are recruited to top high schools, colleges and universities, with many earning full academic scholarships.

Mutual Respect

It is important to us that PWF students respect their coaches and each other, and understand that they are expected to be accountable for their actions both in and outside of the program. We are open to constructive criticism and welcome discussions with students about how we can improve the organization. PWF embraces diversity and provides an atmosphere where all young people feel safe and protected.

A Spirit of Giving

PWF was established as a means of giving back. Having experienced this culture, many former participants return to the program as volunteers, and dedicate themselves to helping improve their own communities.