My registration confirmation says “Pending”. What does that mean?

All registrations are considered “Pending” until we receive the registration fees. Your child’s registration status will be marked “Confirmed Paid” once the process has been completed.

My registration confirmation says “Wait List”. What does that mean?

Once we have reached the limit for pre-registrations we will only be able to accept applicants on a wait-list basis. If the number of people who actually complete the enrollment in the fall (i.e. actually show up and pay the enrollment fee) is less than our cutoff number then we will accept new applicants off the wait-list on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We will notify parents prior to the beginning of class if spaces become available. Otherwise, we will admit new students off the wait list on a rolling basis through October.

Parents who are on the wait list should not come to classes without prior notification by the PWF staff.

We may also accept students off of the wait list at the start of the second half of the season in January when we re-open registration.

How much does the program cost?

The enrollment is a one-time $50 charge per student for the season. The academic program is a one-time fee of $25.

Do I need to buy equipment for my child?

No. We provide all of the equipment for free. However, if your child already has their own equipment feel free to bring it. Please make sure that the child’s name is clearly written with permanent marker on all of their equipment.