Young people between the ages of 8 and 18 are eligible for our program. The majority of our participants reside in underserved communities within the greater New York City area, and many come from single-parent homes. Approximately 85% of our participants are African-American and Latino.

Saturday Fencing Program

The Saturday Fencing Program is the pillar of the Peter Westbrook Foundation. Held weekly from 9am to noon, it offers beginner, intermediate and advanced fencing instruction. PWF provides all necessary equipment and prior skills are not required or expected.

Each session begins with a rigorous group warm up before students break out into groups based on age, skill level and their preferred weapon—epee, foil or sabre. Beginners are taught fundamental fencing technique, footwork and swordplay, while experienced students hone skills in line with approaching the sport at a competitive level.   

PWF believes in taking a holistic approach to youth development. In addition to offering a first-class athletic experience, our staff of Olympians, national champions and national team members serve as mentors for our students, offering guidance on matters ranging from academics and problem solving to healthy habits and self-confidence.

After School Leadership Program

Each year, a group of 30–40 PWF athletes who show remarkable talent and motivation are chosen for our After School Leadership Program. Participants adopt a professional training regimen of four to six days per week, which is designed to prepare them for domestic and international competitions. All athletes are awarded scholarships to defray the costs of equipment, fencing club memberships, coaching, and competition fees. Program members must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and are required to volunteer as coaches and mentors during the Saturday Fencing Program.